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Restoration Project #3 – Fitting the gearbox

Restoration Project #3 – Fitting the gearbox

22 January 2014

Whilst ‘Phase 2’ focused on completing the rolling chassis and mounting the 3.5 BMW M62 engine, this week sees Mike turning his attention to fitting the gearbox and shortening the prop shaft by four inches to fit the Ford Model Y Truck, which is now starting to take shape!


As ‘Phase 3’ is now upon us and the restoration project is well underway, we’d love to hear any recommendations which you think would benefit this project, so visit our Facebook page and share your thoughts!

In the meantime, prepare yourself for some serious detail, which we know you enthusiasts love!



Fully custom fabricated gearbox mount fitted to a modified Model Y Ford crossmember.


BMW E30 prop shaft shortened by 4 inches and now connecting the 5speed BMW m60 gear box to the back axle which is from a Kia Sportage…

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BMW m62 alternator relocated underneath the engine to create more clearance on the chassis… Fitted with custom made mounts and adjuster.


Original model Y Ford brake and clutch pedals relocated and modified to fit the custom built chassis and servo/ master cylinder from a Nissan Micra.

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Brackets in mock up stage located in the correct position, next job is to make some gussets to brace them so they are strong enough to take the force of the clutch and brake.

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