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Restoration Project #4 – Repairing the doors

Restoration Project #4 – Repairing the doors

29 January 2014

Phase 4 is here and this week sees Mike Hill concentrating on repairing the doors and welding the pick-up bed frame. As you will see from the images below, the original wooden door frames are beyond repair so they have been removed and replaced with steel.


Whilst we will continue to bring you weekly updates on this restoration project, next week we will also be bringing you a Question and Answer session with the restorer Mike Hill. So if you want us to ask him a question, then message us on Facebook! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the restoration and we’d love to hear your suggestions as to what you’d like to see done to the Ford Model Y on its journey to becoming a custom built Hot Rod!

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy Phase 4…


The old door frame, which is made of wood and is beyond repair will be removed and replaced with steel.


The main part of the wooden frame which holds the hinges is removed and will be used as a template to create the new steel structure. This part of the door was very rotten and full of wood worm!


With the rotten wooden frame now removed, the old primer paint was cleaned off so all that is left is the bare metal.


At this point the door is checked on the truck for the correct fitment. This is a necessity to make sure that the gap is equal all the way around the frame and the door before fabricating the steel structure.


While waiting for the delivery of steel to work on the doors, all joints are welded and smoothed in on the pick-up bed.


Ornate brackets are then added to bolt the wooden pick up bed sides to the frame.


The pick-up bed is now fully welded and smoothed out and all the brackets are now attached and ready for the wood to be cut and fitted. Mike will be using reclaimed timber from old pallets to give it a unique vintage look…

So that’s phase 4 complete, let us know your thoughts!

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