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Restoration Project #5 – Completing the wooden bed

Restoration Project #5 – Completing the wooden bed

12 February 2014

With the pick-up bed fully welded, smoothed out and all brackets attached, the restoration project is ready for the wood to be added to create the bed frame and really transform the shell of the 1935 Ford model Y into a custom pick-up truck.


The type of wood for the bed is generally a matter of personal taste, but it’s a vital part of the truck, especially when you’re going for looks. While there are a lot of vendors who offer replacement bed wood in pine, oak, hickory, cherry or pecan, Mike is utilising a cost effective and innovative solution and is simply using recycled pallets stained with used motor oil to create an aged vintage look.


Brackets drilled and ready to bolt the wood into the framework.


Wood cut to size, treated and fitted into the tubular frame.


Wood inserts complete and bolted into the frame, ready to fit to the truck chassis.


Pick up bed fitted to the chassis with wholes for rear lights cut out and lights test fitted.

image-4 image-5 image-6

Now the truck is starting to take shape, Mike took the opportunity to paint the wheels black and sit the bonnet on to get an idea of the finished look. The stance of the truck is just right and the pallets work really well to fit in nicely with the old styling of the cab.

Although it’s still quite a way off completion, the truck is coming along nicely and we’re proud to share the progress with you. What do you think of the restoration so far? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook.

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