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Restoration Project #6 – Building the battery and fuse box

Restoration Project #6 – Building the battery and fuse box

19 February 2014

We’re now well into the restoration project and the practical elements are taking as much importance as the aesthetic parts. With the wooden bed frame now in place, Mike tackled the tricky but essential task of building a battery/fuse box underneath the chassis to keep everything tidy and hidden away.


With space, size, and waterproof requirements to consider it isn’t a simple task but Mike went about it in his usual methodical style.


To begin with, he used some 10mm stock round bar to get the initial shape marked out.


The next stage was to tack weld the piece of round bar to the chassis flush with the top edge of the rail and crossmember.


Once that was in place, the 16inch gauge sheet steel was cut and formed to create the sides of the box and tack welded it into position.

image-3-e1392826412562 image-4-e1392826383960

The rest of the box was then added in the same way using the above cardboard template for the shape on the base. It made it a stronger weather-proof box to hold the battery, fuse box and some other electrical components.


Now fully welded up and flushed off for a clean no nonsense look, you can see the battery fits perfectly. All that is left is to incorporate the lid for the box with the floor when that’s been fabricated – it will be a trapdoor type hatch hidden with a flush fitting lid.

Whilst it is usually the aesthetics that catch the eye to most, it is clever practical touches like this that really set a good restoration project apart.


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