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We’ve come a long, long way…

We’ve come a long, long way…

27 February 2014

They say that when you get on a roll there is no stopping you. It would appear that is the case with our restorer, Mike Hill, who has been busy shut away in his garage working as hard as ever this week on the 1935 Ford Model Y.

Whilst he has been hard at work, we thought we would take this opportunity to reflect and remind ourselves just how far this project, to transform a Model Y Ford into a custom pick-up, has come.


The 1935 Ford started out life looking like the above. A civilised little family car, which overtime had become unloved, neglected and unused. Luckily, Mike was told about the Ford and due to his love for classic cars, he simply couldn’t turn down the chance to go see it. Once he saw the car, he instantly realised it had potential, but at the time, he was fully aware of the scale and size of this project and the work he would have to put in to this restoration. Thankfully, he took the risk and snapped this little beauty up, making it his own project.


Initially, Mike spent a great deal of time stripping back and re-shaping the Ford Model Y. Whilst he had originally planned to simply restore the car to its former glory, he sensed this was a great opportunity to create something special. Thinking big, as our restorer always does, he took it upon himself to transform the Ford into a fully built custom hot rod, one of his biggest restorations to date!


His first job was to make the Ford look a little less family-friendly. So Mike did what he does best and he completely stripped the car, starting all over again… This image is before any serious work was complete. At this stage there was no modified chassis, no custom built fuse box, no 3.5l BMW M62 engine and no doors!

Now, a good couple of months into the project, the stripped-back skeleton is starting to gain a new personality.


It’s come a long way and I think you’ll agree. But, with our restorer being as industrious as ever, there is still a lot to do. We’ll be back next week with a detailed update on progress for phase 7 of the restoration. Until then, let us know what you think of the vehicle and don’t hesitate to get in touch via Facebook if you want to find out more.

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