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Restoration Project #7 – Building the custom pedal box

Restoration Project #7 – Building the custom pedal box

05 March 2014

Mike has surfaced from his garage, folks. After being busy for the past couple of weeks, he has now sent us an update on the restoration project. He is continuing to work ‘under the bonnet’ and this update focuses on the work he has done on the pedal box.


He has built a custom pedal box using the original model y clutch and brake pedal. To begin with he mounted the two pedals to the chassis rail and started to build the brackets around them to hold the servo and master cylinders.


Once the brackets were in place and welded up, the gaps needed filling. For this he used some webbing/strengthening gussets to support the pressure.

The Clutch master cylinder was then bolted into place to work out the distance needed for the pushrod arm. Mike then did what any good classic car restorer would do – he customised.

As you can see in the picture he has made the pushrod arm by recycling an old horse shoe. Unconventional it might be but it is also practical. It also gives this model additional personality and uniqueness.

He took a few more pictures of the completed pedal box to give us a sense of how it looked from different angles.

3 4 5 6

Next on his list of jobs to do is to sort and fix the accelerator pedal.

As ever, if you want to know more about this restoration project don’t hesitate to get in-touch with us via Facebook. We’ll be back next week with another update on Mike’s work.

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