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Restoration Project #8 – Steering it in the right direction

Restoration Project #8 – Steering it in the right direction

13 March 2014

This week Mike has been focusing on making and fixing in the steering box. In true Mike style he has improvised and used some interesting parts to create the desired effect he wants.

Below is an image of a MK 2 Transit Steering box which he mounted on to the chassis. He welded a bracket on top of the chassis rail using 8 mm steel plate.


As you can see, it is mounted through the front section of the body shell because, in this project, it is welded to the chassis. This allowed him to make the whole thing integral, adding strength. The bottom part of the body, where it meets the chassis, will also be boxed in.


This is where he got a little bit dynamic with his parts and improvised. The pitman arm was made from a recycled farm jack using leftovers from the home-built front axle and parts from the original piece. Not your average part on a car restoration!


It all worked out really well though; with the transit steering box the perfect ratio for a vehicle with no power steering. It’s very tough and can withstand a lot of stress and also looks the part.

You could tell Mike was quite chuffed with this bit when he spoke to us claiming he will most definitely use one of these again on future projects.

Below is the inside view of the steering box. We’re thinking along the lines of cogs and chains for linkages rather than the traditional universal joints. But we’ll wait and see what Mike does – we’re sure it will be something a little different!


There will be another update next week but if you’ve missed any in the series or perhaps you want to ask Mike a question, visit our Facebook page or check out the blog.

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