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28 March 2014

It’s pretty integral to any vehicle so it was important Mike got it right. Before we delve into what Mike did, we have to say this is one of our favourite bits so far. There is nothing more satisfying than when something just works and fits snuggly in to place. So, let’s have a look at what Mike did.


After trip to a local salvage yard, he dug out the below fuel tank. Given that he bought the actual car way back in 2009/2010 he has had to ferret around to find a few bits. We’ve already read about the recycled farm jack and a horseshoe so it was handy that this time he could find something a little more traditional. It’s amazing what goes missing when you leave a restoration project lying around in your garage for a few years!

Anyway, its size is pretty much perfect but it needs some alterations to get it to fit correctly as it fouls on the central shock absorber.

So, to make the alterations Mike used an old motorcycle exhaust can for the material and shaping the cut away needed. He marked around the shape roughly and cut it out to fit.


Next he trimmed the insert and cleaned the cut-out to a nice even shape. It was also important to clean any dust and debris from the inside of the tank before filling the hole. He then tacked the piece into place.


He then trimmed the edges to match the profile of the tank and added a few more tack welds. Then came the test…would it fit? Of course it did – snugly. He had a trial fit to make sure it fits correctly before going any further. Pretty sensible if you ask us!

Fuel-tank-4 Fuel-tank-5

As you can see it fits great with plenty of clearance. The tank is sat on two steel bars, this is where it will be fastened to the truck but for now it looks great in its new home in the Pick-up.


The next update will be finishing the tank and making some straps to fasten it in securely. This should be ready next week.

As ever, if you want any more information about this restoration project then visit our Facebook page. We’ll be back next week with more from Mike.

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