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Restoration Project #10 – The Fuel Tank is Finished

Restoration Project #10 – The Fuel Tank is Finished

03 April 2014

Last week’s update saw us follow Mike’s efforts to make a customised fuel tank. This week he finishes it!

It is now fully attached to the vehicle and looks as though it has always been there. Not bad for some old parts and a bit of ingenuity. So, let’s take a look at what he did and how he did it

This is how it was left last week.


To tighten it up, he first ground all of the tack welds flat, making sure they were still strong enough to weld over without them breaking away. For this he used the tig welding process, it keeps the heat to a minimum preventing the metal from distorting.


Then it was time to cap-off the end of the tank where the old filler neck was removed; using the  same process.


Next job was to fit a new filler neck to the top of the tank. For this, a bit more customisation was required. He used an old 20litre jerry can top. For those of you familiar with any of Mike’s other builds you might recognise this approach, for those who are new to his work he has used these before; and they do the job perfectly well.


He cut it out and cleaned up the base, leaving enough to get a nice weld around the bottom edge. Then he cut a suitable side hole in the tank and welded it in place creating a fuel tight seal.


Next was to fit the tank securely to the truck bed via the two bars that we pointed out in the previous post. He made some very simple straps that go over the tank and bolted through the underside of the truck bed, sandwiching everything together nicely.


Here is the tank in place and fastened down ready to use. It looks really smart and clean, tucked in on the Pick-up. Even the colour of it seems to match with the style of the rest of the vehicle.


Mike will be back again next week with another update for us. We thought he was rather ambitious when he told us about his plans for this model that he bought way back in 2009 but with each update we can see what he means.

As ever, if you want to be kept up to date with the latest information surrounding this restoration project then visit Survivor Customs or contact us via our Facebook page.

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