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Brazilian Pelé is a Classic for more than one reason

Brazilian Pelé is a Classic for more than one reason

17 July 2014

In a World Cup that saw the joint highest amount of goals scored, a number of shock defeats for some big teams and perhaps a less shocking early exit… It seems the last month has gripped most corners of the world with football fever.

But now it’s all over, perhaps we can be forgiven for looking at a small piece of classic car trivia regarding one of the greatest footballers of the 20th Century: The retired Brazilian footballer better known as Pelé.



Pelé was the young age of 17 when he started his legendary career as part of the World Cup winning squad in 1958. It was a year later that he would embark on yet another challenge in life: passing his driving test. Turns out, way back when, the footballing star took his very first driving exam in a classic DKW, one of the predecessor brands for well-known make today- Audi.

The two-stroke DKW cars were manufactured in Brazil between 1956 and 1967 by a company named Vemag. All in all, around 110,000 of the classic cars were built including models such as Candango, Belcar, Vemaguet and even the Fissore. The cherished vehicles today are well known for their German underpinnings with a classic Sixties body, created by Italian styling house of the same name.

Today legend Pelé acts as a ‘brand ambassador’ for the Volkswagen Group and appears in promotional events underscoring the company’s social responsibility within Brazil. Safe to say it’s hard to get over that first classic memory, be it your first world cup or even classic car.

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