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Classic Fiat 850 Abarth restoration Episode Three

Classic Fiat 850 Abarth restoration Episode Three

24 July 2014

We continue with our series following Nick & Bob and their classic car restoration project. Nick picks up his commentary with how they went about sourcing some of the parts needed…..

“As previously explained, we didn’t just want to restore the 850, we wanted to build an Abarth recreation. So, I had a field day on ebay one evening when a number of new Abarth parts came up for auction. They were all in individual lots and I was determined to get the lot, which I did.”

The rear - coming together nicely

The rear – coming together nicely

“There was a Weber 36DCD 14/F23R carb, deep finned Nardi aluminium sump, Hausermann flywheel and a Trigger timing belt kit. More hard-earned dosh was gone.”

“We’d been looking around to try to find an expert in these cars and came up with Middle Barton Garage in Oxfordshire”.

“It was a fair old drive from Yorkshire but our eyes lit up when we got there and saw two cars like the one we were trying to create. We had a tour of the place and took in some expert advice. We also came away lighter in pocket”.

The front - Nice job, Bob!

The front – Nice job, Bob!

“We bought a reverse eye front spring and two rear coil springs to give the car a lower, more aggressive stance. We ordered an inlet manifold, reprofiled cam and a Coupe valve spring set and left our cylinder head to be worked on. Weeks later it was back with us. They had removed the valves from the head and pressure tested it. Other work included: beadblast and face valves; recut valve seats triple angle; repair stripped spark plug thread; reface head -1.5mm; match inlet port, rebuild head with new valve springs.”

Huge amount of welding

Huge amount of welding

“We were now seriously into the rebuild and there was to be no turning back. We decided that the powerplant was everything and that we needed an expert to do this. We had the work done locally in Huddersfield by an old guy who had a reputation for building really good engines. We were not disappointed when we picked it up”.

The motor stripped down

The motor stripped down

“In the meantime I was back on ebay. An Abarth front grille came from Italy, a proper second hand wood steering wheel from Germany and an 850 Coupe dials set from the UK”.

Things were starting to take shape.

Primed and seat rails back in

Primed and seat rails back in


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