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The Ford Model Y is Cooking on Gas Again

The Ford Model Y is Cooking on Gas Again

15 July 2014

Mike’s back! It has been a few weeks since we last had an update from him but he’s been busy and also waiting for a few parts. But the good news is he is back and we have an interesting development on the Ford Model Y restoration. He has built a roll cage for it!

Mike informs us the delay has arisen because he’s been waiting for parts – and any restorer will know that this is a common issue on any project.

So, why a roll cage?

He decided to introduce a roll cage to make the cab a little safer. There was a lot of dead wood removed so he took the unusual step of building and implementing a roll cage to increase safety. But as an additional benefit he wanted to strengthen the chassis to make it a more enjoyable ride.

42mm CDS Tubing cut


This is 42mm CDS Tubing cut and formed ready to fit the rear loops. We’ll see further down how he cut the ends to fit them together neatly.

roll cage


This is the roll cage fitted into the cab.



The ends of the tubes were tricky to get right but it was important to shape them because a good fitment is critical for strength and makes the job a lot easier.

Completed Roll cage


With the Roll cage complete with side impact bars and gearbox tunnel, we are eagerly awaiting the next stage of the restoration from Mike.

We’ll hopefully have another update soon, and we’re reliably informed that it is starting to look the part. So don’t forget to check our Facebook page for more news on this particular restoration.


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