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Jaguar is set to revive the Lightweight E-Type

Jaguar is set to revive the Lightweight E-Type

23 July 2014

Possibly one of the most ‘beautiful cars of all time’, the Jaguar E-Type truly is a classic car to be reckoned with. Its iconic good looks, high performance and competitive pricing stole the hearts of many throughout the 1960s and continues to do so to this very day. But could there be more to be excited about?

Jaguar E-type


Back in 1963 there was an initiative to create an E-Type that was lighter, rarer and would be even more sought after than the original model- the Special GT E-Type Cars. What started off as a production run of 18, only 12 of these exclusive classics were produced, rendering six designated models never to be worked on; until now.

Jaguar has just announced it will begin its first ever recreation project and will re-build the remaining six Lightweight E-Types to the exact specifications of the originals. Not to exclude the 3.8 litre straight-six engine of course.

Getting down to business

The new classic cars will be hand-built and identical to the other 12 originals. That’s right, at 250lbs less thanks to the crisp aluminium body and absence of chrome work in the interior and exterior, the car screams ‘better and favourite son’. Even the windows will remain hand-operated.

There isn’t a word on pricing yet, but you shouldn’t expect these models to come cheap as classic car collectors throughout the world are biting at the bit to get a chance to own one. You can’t blame them, can you?

Sometime this summer is the unofficial word for early release for the Lightweight E-Type, so if you’re okay waiting a little bit longer, it’s makes at least one of us.

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