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Military Tanks auctioned off in California to raise money for Military Vehicle Museum

Military Tanks auctioned off in California to raise money for Military Vehicle Museum

31 July 2014

When it comes to specialist or unique vehicle auctions you would be forgiven for thinking a rare classic Jaguar E-Type will be on sale or even a vintage Bentley rally car.

M4 Jumbo Sherman Assault Tank


However, early July marked a different kind of auction in a country where bigger is always better – The Military Vehicle Technology Foundation hosted the largest military vehicle auction ever.

In Portola Valley California more than 80 tanks, with ages ranging from World War I through to the Gulf War, were gathered and put up on sale for bidders from 10 different nationalities as well as 37 US states as part of the Jacques Littlefield Collection.

The Littlefield’s family donated the tanks, along with an array of other military vehicles and equipment, in hope to raise enough money to build a military vehicle museum in Stow, Massachusetts. The auction saw around $10.24 million exchanged- around £6 million.

What was on offer?
Not only can the military vehicle auction claim to be the largest of its kind but a rare and diverse amount of tanks were available.

The military vehicles that were auctioned included:

M4 ‘Jumbo Sherman’ Assault Tank – ($345,000)

World War II German Panzer IV Tank – (undisclosed fee)

8-tonne Personnel Carrier ($1.2 million)

German Panzer IV Tank


If it is military vehicles that really get the heart racing then it seems that this auction really was a ‘can’t miss’ event. But don’t fret, in a hobby that is becoming ever more popular, you can look out for similar auctions a bit closer to home later this year.

If you find the vehicle you want remember to give our Military Vehicle Insurance team a call to get a quote for your insurance.

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