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BMW 8 Series celebrates 25 years

BMW 8 Series celebrates 25 years

28 August 2014

When it comes to assessing the style that BMW sets the automotive scene with, there isn’t always a clear verdict to how the modern cars fair. One thing we might all be able to agree on is the 1980s and 1990s were perhaps a period of their finest offerings.

One pick of the bunch, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year is of course the BMW 8-Series. So highly thought of in fact in regard to its classic car status today, that BMW is rumoured to be considering a new model of the car in order to take on Mercedes’s S-Class Coupe.

As many as 120 cars joined in with a parade for the quarter-century celebrations at BMW’s Bavarian HQ where fans and enthusiasts could enjoy a full tour of the Dingolfing plant where the 8-Series was produced throughout the 1990s.

BMW 8 Series


Down to Business

Perhaps why the 8-Series was so popular was down to its combination of performance, luxury, innovation, elegance and clean sheet design. That’s not to forget about its V-12 engine borrowed from the similarly badged 7-Series…

It even excelled in technological advancements, offering an integrated seat-belt system, electrically adjustable steering column and high-performance on-board computer system by 1993. Not bad for a classic car we know and love.

Amongst all the excitement enjoyed by the owners of the 8-Series, the development of this true classic and powertrain engine went on to contribute towards one of the greatest ever supercars – the McLaren F1. There’s much to appreciate about this classic, not only its looks and its sexy appeal but its contribution to the motoring world should be something we are all thankful for.

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