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Goodwood Festival of Speed Review – Top 3 Classic Cars

Goodwood Festival of Speed Review – Top 3 Classic Cars

18 August 2014

There was so much going on at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it’s easy to miss out on a lot of the action that, well, you shouldn’t be missing out on! Everything from the kick start Moving Motor Show on the Thursday to the climb on Goodwood Hill on Sunday, it was a long weekend for true petrol heads.

So we’re hoping that you will have shred of forgiveness when we focus on a small, yet surly worthy aspect of the Festival. Our top 3 classic cars of the weekend:

1) 1925 Amilcar CGS – With little over 1000cc, this lightweight sports car could reach up to at least 75mph and could be tuned for better performance. Manufactured in France in response to the ‘C Grand Sport’ the CGS had a longer, more rigid chassis, improved brakes and a bigger engine that truly made it stand out from the crowd. A beauty to watch and to see win.

2) Maserati A6G (Zagato body) – This classic car really sought out to be different from the rest built at the time.  With a smooth, streamlined body and rarities such as unique door functions and unusual Zagato frame, the coupe stole the hearts of enthusiasts back then and continues to do so to this very day.



3) 1971 Mazda RX 500 – Maybe not the most obvious choice or what you expected , but this unusual Mazda was certainly worth making the effort to go see. Almost futuristic, the classic car was imported over from Japan and is particularly unique for its rotary engine that powers it with 250bhp. Not something to be ignored.

Forgiven us yet? It doesn’t really matter anyway. If you missed out on seeing these three beauties over the Festival, we’re sure you won’t make the same mistake again. Happy car hunting petrol heads!

If you do find a car that you can just not resist buying remember the Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services team will be happy to get you a quote for your classic car insurance.

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