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Join Us For the Tenth Anniversary VW Festival

Join Us For the Tenth Anniversary VW Festival

07 August 2014
Harewood Grounds

Image courtesy of El Russell VW Festival

The hugely popular VW Festival gets underway at Harewood House in Leeds on Friday 15th August and we’re proud to say that we are sponsors this year.

Labelled by many as the premier VW Festival in the north, more than 15,000 people are expected over the weekend of 15th August to 17th August. And this year the event, run by family and friends, turns ten.

To mark the tenth anniversary, the organisers have promised even more dubs, more music, more graffiti and more fun for all the family. It is going to be one epic weekend!

Celebrating Uniqueness


Image courtesy of El Russell VW Festival

Everyone knows that a VW isn’t just a VW; it’s an individual, with personality and character. Even some of those that turn up with just a single, plain colour can leave with a bespoke graffiti design on it. This is because one of the attractions that celebrate the relationship between VW and unique art is car graffiti. Each year a bunch of guys from put on a live VW graffiti display, turning some great dubs into show quality graffiti works of art. This year’s waiting list is full but it is well worth watching the guys in action.

There are some great bespoke designs and restorations of classic models to be admired too. The VW Beetle is of course iconic. Last year a 1966 restoration model was a huge attraction. Similar restoration jobs are expected to rank highly again on people’s ‘things to visit’ lists.

School Bus

Image courtesy James Stubley

They will have plenty of time to fit everything in too. Starting on the Friday, the event runs right through to Sunday with many people camping over. Just as well, considering live music and entertainment runs late into the night.

As ever all the entertainment will be available in the Big Top and there is also a children’s disco in Pavilion (and karaoke for those brave enough).

Beautiful Settings

Beautiful Settings

Image courtesy of El Russell VW Festival

We almost do an injustice to the actual location by not talking about it. Yes the VW’s are the real attraction but what a location to host it. The stately home is one of the best in the UK and home to regular events over the course of the year. The gardens offer plenty of wonder too – so there is a lot to explore and discover.

There is even a bird garden and an Adventure Playground – even more ways to keep the children entertained.

This is set to be another wonderful celebration of all things VW and a great occasion for all the family.

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