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Mitsubishi Celebrates 40 years in the UK

Mitsubishi Celebrates 40 years in the UK

21 August 2014

Despite the likes of Japanese giants Toyota and Honda making their mark on the British car industry, this month celebrates the 40th anniversary of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK and all the innovation they have brought to the table.

A procession of classic Mitsubishis has already started to tour the country, spilling into a number of hospitality events and activities for all to see how far the company has come since its first series production car in 1917- The Model A.



It wasn’t until a few decades, however, that UK distribution was ensured in 1974 with the formation of the Colt Car Company. This joint operation between Mitsubishi Corporation and Colt Automotive Limited saw the first car of its kind being sold here in the form of the original and classic car ‘Lancer- A70 model’.


Road to Success

After establishing production, Mitsubishis started to enjoy the victories of international rallies and other competitions. Models such as the Galant, Lancer and early high-performance Starion led the assault on the World Rally Championship with four consecutive win by Makinen.

With rear wheel driving and 170bhp turbocharged engines, along with the mechanicals that would prove to be the technology of choice in the Lancer Evolution rally models, Mitsubishi were really creating racing car models as well as classic cars for the future.

One stand out product is definitely the 1990 GT3000, with not only a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine, but aerodynamics and electronically controlled suspension, making it a classic that enthusiasts can simply not ignore. Here’s to Mitsubishi and its continued success in the UK.



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