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How do you say ‘great barn find’ in French?

How do you say ‘great barn find’ in French?

25 August 2014

When it comes to poking around in an old barn in the middle of France, there’s no certainty to what you will find. It could be a few packs of dusty French Boules or even a forgotten about smoked garlic storage space – who would have thought a classic Jaguar E-Type?

But not any old E-Type (like you would say that anyway), but a classic car with real historic significance. Discovered in a rotting barn near Paris, the right-hand-drive fixed head with sports chassis number 15 was one of the six E-Types to go on display at the 1961 Scottish Motor Show and was thought to be lost until now.

Classic Motor Cars (CMC), a premier Jaguar restoration company, has been privileged enough to be given the task of bringing the beauty back to life after spending so many years neglected. Nick Goldthorp, managing director at CMC, said they were ‘looking forward to quite a challenge’ for the full nut and bolt restoration.

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Jaguar E-Type Series1


The series 1 classic car was despatched to Edinburgh-based distributor Rossleigh on the 27th of October 1961 and it believed to have belonged to the same owner since 1976. It was found close to border with Germany around 2 hours away from Paris. Dismantled around 20 years ago and very rusty and corroded, a bird’s nest was even found in the rear quarter.

After discovering the vehicle, CMC (based in Bridgnorth) became excited with the prospect of another restoration of a rare E-Type, being no strangers of similar projects in their history. The restoration is set to be completed for this time next year.

Don’t worry if you feel that a 12 month wait is too long, there are plenty of other restoration projects scheduled to be finished very soon this summer. We guess if you are that excited, France is only a skipping stone away and there can’t be that many barns can there?

Insuring your classic car is always important, so if you find your next vehicle in a barn or you buy from a dealer or fellow enthusiast make sure you give the guys at Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services a call.


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