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The boom of the low mileage Classic Mini

The boom of the low mileage Classic Mini

10 September 2014

What’s small, classic and is turning up with low mileage? Haven’t guessed it yet? Well we don’t blame you, and not because we don’t think you know a lot about classic cars, it’s just not what you would expect.

A recent trend is coming to the public eye that experts predict will continue: the selling of Classic Minis with very little mileage.

The latest low-mileage example is a typical – 2000 Rover Mini Cooper Sport with only 163 miles on the clock. This bargain from a Kent based classic car specialist is going for the sum of £21,995 after being in storage since it was new. We know, why?

Mini Cooper


There are a few reasons why people think this trend is catching on now and it comes down to a combination of 3 things:

1) Potential. Minis were regarded as a future classic as quickly as they were being produced. Many people decided to store them at low mileage in the hope of making money.

2) Convenience. The fact that the Mini is a relatively small car to store means that people with the eye for business did not have much trouble.

3) Buoyancy. The price for Minis as it stands today is very fair, for both sellers and enthusiasts. Strike whilst the iron is hot we guess.

The British Mini Club, which itself is selling a 1989 30LE with only 24 miles on the clock, has stated ‘as long as the wider increases in classic car values continues, more Minis will come up for sale’.

So perhaps there is a clear trend:  the price is right and the demand is high. Whatever the explanation, we know we are going to always see the Classic Mini on the streets of the UK, and it’s something to be proud of.

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