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Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services and The Fire Fighters Race Team

Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services and The Fire Fighters Race Team

12 September 2014

We are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the Fire Fighters Race Team. As one of the sponsors, we are hoping to help them continue to participate in events and races and raise money for a very good cause.

This all started from the embers of a passionate few harbouring a desire to restore an old Mini and raise money for the Fire Fighters Charity. They have realised that dream and this year (2014) they have been participating in events.

The Fire Fighters Race Team Mini


The story so far…
It all started in August 2012 when the team purchased a 1978 Morris Mini 1000cc in a rather tasteful oyster beige colour with a white roof. It was road worthy and came with a 1380cc engine so they had a good start.

It was a tough and costly start for all those involved but after a difficult winter, 2013 saw sponsors begin to arrive as people started hearing about the project. With financial support coming in, the car was making good progress.

By early 2014 it was finished and ready for its first events (see the car’s full specs). There have been plenty of events and races that the restored Mini has now graced and there are still some more to come this year.

Why we got involved
The Fire Fighters Charity are committed to helping serving and retired fire service personnel and their families.

We wanted to get involved in this project because it is for a good cause and we love a restoration project so it felt perfect. We’re really impressed with what the team have achieved and of our new partnership. David Franks, team principal, The Fire Fighters Race Team said of our sponsorship:

“It is with great thanks that we are now working alongside such an inspirational company as Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services.

“We are a small classic car race team looking to do big things, and the package will enable us to continue the great work we do for The Fire Fighters Charity for the rest of 2014 and we know how important the sponsorship is to us both.

The Fire Fighters Race Team close-up


“We are looking for this unique relationship to grow and become one of the most inspirational in motorsport, we will endeavour to continue our efforts and finally create a Classic Mini never quite built before. It is with the help of Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services that we will be able to continue this effort into 2015 and beyond.”

Going forwards, we will be keeping an eye on their progress and future performances. If anyone is keen to donate, you can do so here.

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