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Ford Fiesta now most sold car in the UK- Where did it all begin?

Ford Fiesta now most sold car in the UK- Where did it all begin?

15 September 2014

As you may have seen, the Ford Fiesta has become the best-selling car of all time in the UK, beating its great uncle, the Ford Escort, with over 4 million sales.

Its combination of ‘style, value and driving dynamics’ really makes an extraordinary car that has proved popular amongst a diverse range of consumers. So where did all begin?

Below are some of the key moments for the Ford Fiesta’s development so you can get a better idea how it went from strength to strength and ultimately became the popular hatchback we know today:

Ford Fiesta – a classic from the start
1972: Fiesta conceived as secret ‘Project Bobcat’ to create a new Ford small car
1975: Fiesta name chosen by Henry Ford II
1976: Mk I introduced in 1.0 and 1.1 litre Ghia form. UK launch falls into 1977
1979: Millionth Fiesta built for worldwide sales. Special sporty version enters Monte Carlo Rally – this would become the XR2
1981: Ford introduces the new Fiesta XR2 with a 1.6-litre engine, stiffer suspension and alloy wheels. It was the first 100mph Fiesta

Ford Fiesta XR2i


1987: Best sales year with just under 154,000 Fiestas sold in Britain. CTX continuously variable transmission added to Fiesta range
1996: Mk IV launched with Zetec engines and dual airbags standard. Fiesta Ghia 1.3-litre added to UK range
2002: Mk V launched initially in five-door with new line up of engines including the new Duratec petrols and a 1.4-litre Duratorq TDCi and Durashift EST auto
2005: 150PS Fiesta ST launched – most powerful to date
2011: Fiesta S1600 special edition 1.6-litre, 134PS arrives. Fiesta RS world rally car makes its competitive debut
2014: Ford Fiesta ranks as the UK’s best-selling vehicle ever in the UK, exceeding 4,115,000 sales since 1976

As you can see the success of the Fiesta was a road that continued to develop. From the classic car that was the MK I introduced almost 40 years ago to the end product of a Ford Fiesta that proudly boasts an EcoBoost engine, it’s hard not to admire.

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