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Getting to love a Classic Ford

Getting to love a Classic Ford

08 September 2014

Like any hobby, owning a classic car really does take time and passion. It’s a desire that makes you overlook those weekends replacing blown fuses, forgetting about that time you found your Mini in a pool of oil and stops you adding up the hours wasted opening and closing that squeaky garage door.

But is there a classic car make that can really win the hearts of all enthusiasts? Some might look towards the higher end of the market; after all, classic Astons and Ferraris were destined to be preserved for future generations to appreciate from the very beginning. What’s a less obvious number one though?

Not being a first choice museum piece by any stretch of the imagination, a Classic Ford is a choice that is destined to be pampered and cared for and really that’s what it’s all about. Armed with a fresh coat of paint and leather interior that shuns your grandmother’s upholstery, a Classic Granada or Cortina can really steal your heart.

Back to the Future
It’s the attention to detail that a Classic Ford has that makes it a favourable choice. The pitted chrome plating and bubbling bodywork patina must really work nostalgia for any owner, transporting you back to a soft summer of the 70s.

Ford Cortina MkI


It’s a choice that distracts the attention away from the other end of the spectrum, heads turning towards your Cortina Mark I, racing along at 78 bhp, rather than at the other everyday supercars with their big engines and shiny showroom paint jobs.

Of course it’s personal choice when choosing what classic car you are or become passionate about, but before your minds made up, spare a thought for one of the most popular makes in the UK yet still a classic in its own right.

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