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We’re Welding Up with Excitement…

We’re Welding Up with Excitement…

01 September 2014

We have another update from Mike regarding work on his Ford Model Y restoration project and it is starting to get some serious meat on the bones.

This next series of pictures show how he filled the void between the chassis of the truck and the actual body shell. Tying everything together as this is going to make it structurally solid. As you can see, it will also help to keep everything solid around the steering box mounting points.


void between the chassis



2mm sheet steel


He started welding using 2mm sheet steel. It looks a little messy at this point but they don’t have to be neat, he will flush them off later on in the project. It is more about getting everything in place and working properly.

Using templates

One thing we have noticed about Mike’s work is that he tends to use a lot of cardboard templates. This is great for getting a rough idea of the shape of things and we see him using one again here.

sheet steel template


It isn’t always the neatest but it helps him cut it out in  before adding it to the vehicle.

sheet steel


Next he flushed off the welds when he had a spare few minutes and they certainly look neater than when we last saw them.



Next he moved on to the steering drag link. This is the component that joins the actual steering box to the front end. The drag link is made up of two ball joints and a two way adjuster with a left and right hand threat to allow fine adjustment in the length of the rod.

drag link arm


The drag link arm is made from a mild steel tubing 3mm thick, 26mm outside diameter and 23mm inside diameter. The tie rod ends are just the right fit to be tapped in and plug-welded through the holes in the pipe.

plug-welded drag arm


Once they are plug-welded in and also fillet welded around the ends he flushed them off smooth; purely for aesthetic purposes of course.

smoothing out the plug welds


You can see he’d started to smooth out the plug welds and shape the ends. This is time consuming but worth it in the end as it looks better and makes his life a bit easier.

drag link arm


drag arm


drag arm on truck


Fitted back on the truck, it looks the part and works great.

the drag link bar fitted


Adjustable part of the drag link bar looking good.

This was a really insightful update from Mike, getting into the finite inner workings of a couple of key jobs. We’ll be waiting in anticipation for the next update soon. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services Facebook page for more chatter.

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