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Aussies break driving record for Charity

Aussies break driving record for Charity

03 October 2014

Driving challenges exist all over the world and they come in a variety of forms. Anything from a small Derbyshire Tour through the Peak District on classic motorcycles, to extravagant trans-continental races such as Peking to Paris, there is surely something for everyone to find.

So how about our friends down under? Well in June this year, a duo from Queensland completed a 9000km return trip across Australia in a classic Ford Model A in order to raise money for charity. What’s more impressive is, they’ve gone and set a new world record in the process too.

Model Ford A


The journey started from Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Queensland and headed onto Bathers Beach in Fremantle before returning back to the start point for a ‘there and back’ across Australia challenge. The pair, Rode Wade and Austen Ritchie trailed through Queensland, New South Wales, Southern Australia and across the Nullarbor Plains into Western Australia as part of the journey. Remarkably, the 1930 Ford Model A they travelled in had very few incidents.



Completing the journey in 101 hours, 52 minutes and 32 seconds, it meant the previous record for the fastest coast-to-coast travel in a pre-war car was smashed by the dynamic duo. The classic car they poured so much hope into even broke down on the Nullarbor Plains but a roadside fix meant they could continue and break the world record.

The goal of the race was to raise money for Kidney Health Australia and, more specifically, enough money to support a fleet of ‘Kidney Kampers’, which effectively would be mobile dialysis machines in trucks that would allow kidney disease sufferers to travel away from home over longer periods of time.

This race echoed Rod Wade’s previous driving challenge, driving from New York to Los Angeles, that raised money for a similar cause and has proven to be just as successful. Such a great challenge for a great cause. Well done both of you.

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