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Is there a classic car to please everyone?

Is there a classic car to please everyone?

24 October 2014

When it comes down to appreciating classic cars, there are surely a number of factors that help you decide what your favourite car is-the speed, style and significance of the car to name a few. But is it easier to categorise what type of classic car enthusiast you are, in order to find a car to please everyone?

We will attempt to divide enthusiasts into three groups, admittedly a little overlapping, in the hope to ‘tick all the boxes’ and suggest a classic car to wow you all. A challenge we know, but bring it on:

First we have the hardcore enthusiast. You’ve always owned classic cars; even though you weren’t trying. Hopelessly falling in love with every project you take on, the only thing stopping you owning that dream car is the necessary funds in the bank account…

Secondly there’s the investor. At the start you were attracted by the glamour that surrounds classic cars, after all, they’re a commodity to appreciate like fine wine or good art right? But soon you realise the potential for profit and take advantage of market rises and falls to make enough money for your next investment.

Lastly there’s the fashion buyer. You can’t blame anyone for wanting to get in on a piece of the action. Drawn in by the buzz of the media and the top ratings of Top Gear, this type of person splashes out on a truly sought after classic car to be driven with pride, despite not knowing a huge amount about it!

So if you fall into any of these categories, you’re not alone. Of course if we really had to try to break down the details of every classic car you like, looking for a favourite, we would be here for a while. But choosing a car that would please all three types of enthusiasts can be done.

Ferrari Daytona


Our suggestion would be… the Ferrari Daytona. Fair enough, the last two groups of classic car enthusiasts are influenced by the rising market fortunes of the vehicle, and perhaps therefore its fame, but the car epitomises all the essentials of a true classic. With a 4.4 L DOHC V12 engine and eye-pleasing smooth style, it’s a car everyone can surely appreciate, whatever the price and whatever category of classic car enthusiast you fall under.

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