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Elvis Presley’s 507 Roadster is to be restored

Elvis Presley’s 507 Roadster is to be restored

10 October 2014

Originally in white, a 1957 507 Roadster from BMW was bought by a young soldier of the US army serving in Munich in Germany who went by the name of Elvis Presley. What about the change in colour? After the purchase was made Elvis chose red simply because he was tired of women writing their numbers on it with lipstick…

BMW 507


It was a simple test drive and $3750 dollars were exchanged before the classic car could be called his own and Elvis fell in love with it enough that he brought it home with him, with a little help from the US army and their shipping capabilities of course.

After changing hands a few times, the car fell into the ownership of Jack Castor in 1968 who made the decision to keep it in a storage warehouse with the hope of restoring it himself one day. Early July saw the return of the vehicle to BMW’s main office in Munich where the job is looking to be completed.

Returning to the nest
Sporting chassis number 70079, the Roadster previously belonged to a press fleet and featured a rebuilt 3.2-litre V8 engine with 150bhp and a new four-speed manual transmission – it’s no wonder why Elvis fell in love.

The classic car appeared to be in rough shape when it arrived back to its place of birth but is subject to little rust because of the number of years it was stored indoors. The restoration is set to take two years and in August was displayed in the special ‘Lost and Found’ BMW Museum, where enthusiasts could enjoy it in all its glory.

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