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5 things to learn with classic car ownership

5 things to learn with classic car ownership

12 November 2014

With any experience in life, there is always something to be learned. Whether it’s a new a word in scrabble, that app on your phone you have always had but never used before, or even the very skilled art form of ‘garage box reshuffling’, we’re sure you try your best to learn a lesson away from most things.

So with classic cars, and collecting them as a hobby, are there a few lessons to be learned in the process? Below are a few things you may have encountered yourself and agree with, if not, then read and learn!

1, You should always get a thorough pre-purchase inspection before you buy any classic car. You may find your dream car at an unbelievable price but the chances are it isn’t believable. What might start as a bargain can cost you dearly, emotionally and financially, when overlooked rust and post-accident damage is found.

2, Don’t jump in and buy a classic car simply because it seems like a good deal, let passion drive your choice. Just because a car is 100% original and a real classic, doesn’t make it a car you love! Make sure it’s got things like the speed and handling you’d want from any car and love it as a classic from there.

Restoration Project


3, Match a restoration project to your strengths. If you’re buying a classic car that you know needs some work done to it make sure you have a good idea how you can personally attack the work that needs doing. Knowing how to work metalwork and do a little spray painting will save you time and money.

4, Know the difference between your weekend toy and any vehicles you see investment in. Don’t try too hard to combine two cars into one, there might be an empty pocket at the end of it with a car that you don’t really love to drive!

5, Understand that buying a rare and low-mileage car isn’t always the best option for you. It always depends on how you approach driving the car, but looking at a rare investment and thinking about the lowering of its value every time you drive it isn’t what classic car ownership is about.

So there you have it folks. Any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind, or have you learned the hard way? We’re sure you’re not alone, just know what you’re getting into and love being a classic car owner!

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