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Campaign to recognise classic cars by law

Campaign to recognise classic cars by law

26 November 2014

Newspaper Classic Car Weekly is set to propose new legislation to secure the future use and enjoyment of classic cars on UK roads, essentially calling for historic cars older than 30 years of age to be given legal recognition.

The move comes about after the UK is looking to align itself to other European counterparts, such as Germany, by recognising a higher status for true classic cars in the reaction to anti-old car legislation and ‘Ultra Low Emission Zones’ in UK towns and cities.

30 Rover


Today, there is a grey area in legislation between cherished classic vehicles that are used sparingly for the owners’ enjoyment and older ‘everyday’ vehicles that are used regularly and produce more pollution. Adopting legally recognised classic car status will hope to end the situation.

The model the UK hopes to follow is that of Germany. Oldtimer Markt, a historic vehicle group based in Germany, has defined a clear and consistent idea of what a classic car of high quality is and they were victorious in gaining legal recognition.

What Classic Car Weekly are calling for:

Use and condition: to be able to register a 30 year old or older classic car as a legally-recognised vehicle so long as the cars are kept in good and largely standard order and allow for mileages to be checked and kept low for qualification.

Safety and testing: regular and thorough tests to be put in place to ensure cars are fit for purpose and also a call to veto the EU ‘roadworthiness directive’ that could see pre-1984 cars no longer needing an MOT.

Exemption from emission zones: A nationwide agreement that guarantees that legally-recognised classics would be exempt from any Low Emission Zone.

Exemption from road tax: For the grant that exempts Vehicle Excise Duty to vehicles aged forty and over, to be reduced to 30 years.

What do you think about Classic Car Weekly and their proposals? They can only mean the continued effort to support vintage cars in the UK by keeping them on the roads!

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