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Military vehicles found in wrecked Merchant Ship

Military vehicles found in wrecked Merchant Ship

03 November 2014

Sunk during the Second World War, The SS Thisltegorm was a British Merchant Navy ship that came under attack by two German planes in 1941. It has been 73 years that the vessel has been resting beneath the surface of the Red Sea, destined for Glasgow from Egypt.

Recently the wreck has been explored by a British diver, Mark Harris, who confirmed that the wreck could really give classic and military car enthusiasts that sinking feeling – a large cargo of British Vehicles, civilian and military alike, was lost when the vessel was sunk.

Thistlegorm Tank


The Thistlegorm was travelling as a part of a convoy, which offered protection against Italian and German warships. Harris commented: “Shipwrecks like this, even though they are physically decaying in one sense, also preserve a moment in time – an act of war.”

The wreck was lost after the war until it was discovered by legendary aquatic explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau in 1956 and even featured in his book ‘The Living Sea’, leading it to be a popular diving spot today.

Booty on board

The sunken wreckage has a lot to explore and has been a popular diving destination for more than 50 years off the coast of Egypt. Classic and military vehicle enthusiasts would surely jump at the opportunity to have a look at the wreckage too.

Thistlegorm Truck


It’s known that 1940s Bedford trucks were found, armoured vehicles, well-preserved Norton 16H and BSA motorcycles as well as Bren guns and ammunition all amongst the wreckage.

Thistlegorm bike


It’s a little far-fetched to think that the military vehicles that were sunk can still be salvaged and restored today, but it is worth taking the time to remember what was preserved by the vessel to date – only just a cargo of military vehicles but the thought of war-time which we shall not forget.

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