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70 years on, “the  Battle of the Bulge”

70 years on, “the Battle of the Bulge”

22 December 2014

Commemorations have taken place paying tribute to Allied Forces who fiercely defended a dense region of forest in the Ardennes region on the western front in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Starting on December 16, 1944 the Battle of the Bulge proved to be one of the most brutal battles of the Second World War and one of the greatest tank battles diminishing Germany’s armour levels even with the introduction of a new Panzer Tank. This tank was the Tiger 2 nicknamed the “King Tiger”.

Over 600,000 American troops combatted not only German ground forces but also freezing, thick mist conditions, in desperate efforts to stop a surprise German offensive campaign. But it came at a high cost, with the total number of Allied casualties estimated to be 110,000.

Tiger TankBroken down the result were 80,987 U.S. casualties, including 10,276 dead, 47,493 wounded and 23,218 missing in action, according to the U.S. Army’s figures.

Although the German soldiers were armed with the powerful new Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifles and backed by the new Panzer “King Tiger’s” the total number of German casualties was estimated at 81,834, including 12,652 dead and 30,582 missing in action.

After the battle ended on January 25, 1945, Allied forces attacked Germany in unison, eventually leading to the Nazi surrender and the end of Second World War in Europe.

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