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Guinness World Record smashed for the largest parade of classic cars

Guinness World Record smashed for the largest parade of classic cars

03 December 2014

If you love your cars then seeing a classic car in the metal will always grab your attention. If you see a few drive past then it’s even more eye catching.

Well then imagine seeing over 1700 in procession together! That’s the sight which happened in Mexico City earlier this year, when a total of 1,721 classic cars cruised through New Mexico.

Guinness World Record


The parade smashed the previous record of 948 classic cars which was set in 2002 by Den Hartogh Ford Museum in the Netherlands.

Held on 5th October this year, the parade was organised by the History Channel Latinoamérica. Cars cruised the Paseo de la Reforma avenue, which runs through the centre of Mexico City.

To qualify for entry, each car had to be at least 30 years old and have its original registration.

The 5.2 km route saw nearly one quarter of a million spectators on the day. They were treated to a huge variety of American classic cars such as Ford Mustangs and Cadillac’s as well as plenty of European marques, such as VW Beetles, Karmann Ghia’s and a variety of classic Mercedes and Porsches.

We only wish we could have been there!

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