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Maggies Battle Bus

Maggies Battle Bus

14 May 2015

A super rare opportunity has emerged to acquire Margaret Thatcher’s armoured bus built by special order for her and her cabinet in the early eighties.

Designed and built by Glover and Webb using Foden and Rolls Royce parts it was later nicknamed the ‘Battle Bus’.

In essence a 36 seat coach in a fully armoured body with bullet proof glass and a two foot thick honeycombed anti blast floor and run flat tyres. The coach also has its own sealed environment with air filtration systems against chemical biological and nuclear contamination powered by a separate Diesel engine.

With all of this precautionary over engineering, it’s said a rocket-propelled grenade would blow the wheels off and the vehicle could still take the hit.

This mighty 17.5 ton juggernaut (recorded as only covering 21,000 kilometers) is powered by a 12 litre supercharged diesel Rolls Royce engine and easily achieves 80 mph.

The current owner, a Tank and Army surplus dealer confirms that the v5 is now present along with vast provenance and history, with all sorts of interesting letters from people that remembered either building it or using it.

The latter part of its service was spent in Northern Ireland transporting troops from Derry airport to Belfast escorted by a Saracen or two and as a Weapon development observatory for bomb testing.

We can’t wait to see who buys this.

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