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VW Marks 40 years of the VW Polo

VW Marks 40 years of the VW Polo

20 May 2015

VW fans were treated to an extra special celebration of a popular VW model at the ‘Techno Classica’ classic car show in Essen, Germany earlier this year. 2015 marks the VW Polo’s 40th birthday and the show hosted a few very special models that were produced within the last four decades.

Guided tours and brief talks were conducted at the show as well as highlights discussed in technical seminars including the likes of G Lader and Formel E variations.

Here’s a few of the earlier examples that were on show…

Polo I

Polo I, 1975, 900cc, four-cylinder, 40bhp
The original Polo came out in 1975 and leading the pack was a top-of-the-range ‘L’ version. Identifiable by its chrome bumpers and matching side trim, this Polo is extra special, as the paint colour Oceanic Blue was only available at the car’s first few months of introduction.

Polo II hatchback
Polo II hatchback, ‘Eco’ model, 1988, 900cc, two-cylinder, 40bhp
The popular second-generation Polo hatchback was ear marked a special ‘Eco’ model and the vehicle on show was the original prototype, powered by a 900cc two-cylinder diesel with direct fuel-injection. The design concept and brief was for maximum efficiency and also featured exhaust gas recirculation, a system which allowed the car to freewheel under its own motional energy, a G-Lader supercharger, and a semi-automatic five-speed gearbox.

Polo II G40 ‘World Record’, 1985, 1300cc, four-cylinder, 129bhp
The only surviving prototype from a team of three.  A second-generation coupe, it was used to publicise the new G-Lader supercharger in 1985, during a 24-hour world record attempt on Volkswagen’s own test track in Ehra-Lessien. With an average speed of 129 mph, this Polo broke the 1300ccrecord of 105 mph.

Polo IIF G40, 1992, 1300cc, four-cylinder, 113bhp
As well as the 1985 prototype endurance record car, a later series production Polo G40 Coupe from 1992 sat on the Volkswagen Classic stand. The one finished in Windsor Blue car was recently used on the new 2015 Polo GTI press releases.

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