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This Ford goes too deep…

This Ford goes too deep…

15 July 2015

Pierrepont Country Park. People are uncertain as to how it exactly ended up there and the mystery has left park staff and Police Officers stumped.

The discovery was made following a routine weed clear up at the lake by staff that contacted the Police who arrived at the park the next day as part of a diving training day.

Further investigation through the murky waters by the forces dive team initially led them to think it was a large dark saloon but were all surprised to find it was a Ford Capri. The recovery put the forces dive training through its paces as the car was so full of sand due its length of time under the water that air lifting bags and winches were required to pull it out of the water.

Once the Ford Capri surfaced it was cleaned off showing blue body panels and a Y plate prefix registration denoting a 1982 Mk3 Ford Capri. Safe to say that if this Classic Ford Capri chose another road and remained in near perfect condition it could have actually been worth in the region of £15,000.

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