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The Ford Model TT: 100 Years

The Ford Model TT: 100 Years

06 February 2017

This year is the 100 year anniversary of the Ford Model TT chassis being produced. Henry Ford had become aware that many of his Model T’s were being repurposed for use as trucks and decided to produce a chassis with a 1-ton capacity, stronger frame, longer wheelbase and solid rubber rear tyres to cope with heavier loads. This in turn made the vehicle a lot slower than the Model T. The separate body could be purchased for the chassis so the vehicle could be used for commercial work, and later ambulances for the war effort, and 39,000 Model TT trucks were used by the Allied forces during World War 1.

By 1920, half the trucks in America were based on the Model T. In 1924, Ford then made a factory body which would be available with the chassis. Although the cramped cabs were not as popular as the custom ones, they were able to be built by external companies. The trucks were very popular with tradesmen and farmers who were then able to extend the scope of their business.  Henry Ford’s dream to produce a reliable and affordable car for anyone to use and the fact that the TT Truck could be adapted to suit a variety of purposes meant that it contributed significantly to the Model T’s success.

If you have a Model TT Truck then we’d love to hear your stories regarding its restoration or see any pictures you have of this amazing piece of vehicle history.

Image provided by Bigstock.


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