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A little turbocharged boost goes a long way

A little turbocharged boost goes a long way

17 February 2017

In 1905 Alfred Büchi Patented his design for a Turbocharged engine, described as a “highly supercharged compound engine” with a solution to capture heat using an “axial compressor, radial piston engine and axial turbine on a common shaft”

In short, a variation on Gottlieb Daimler’s Patented Supercharger.

The main difference being the compressor driven, in this case, by exhaust gases as opposed to being belt driven.

Initially installed on aircraft engines the technology then filtered down to commercial and passenger vehicles.

In 1962 General motors brought out the first recognised production car to be turbocharged, The Oldsmobile Jetfire, which made 215hp at just 5 psi and 3200rpm.

Over the years many manufacturers added a turbo model to their range including the Porsche 930, Saab 99, Renault 5 and Ferrari F40 to name but a few.

Many of these earning ‘widow maker’ status thanks to massive turbo lag and aggressive on boost power delivery, thankfully, modern turbo technology enables quick spool up and smooth delivery making them much more drivable without the grim reaper looking over your shoulder.

Turbocharging offers considerable benefit over naturally aspirated engines of the same displacement in terms of performance and economy, we’ll focus on the fun stuff and talk performance, even in 1986, BMW managed to extract a claimed 1,400hp from a 1500cc -Simply staggering figures!

Most modern hot hatches boast a 1600cc turbo making 200hp an almost everyday occurrence.

It’s fair to say a little boost goes a long way

Image provided by Bigstock.

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