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50 years since the first Baywindow

04 April 2017

In late 1967, the bay window Volkswagen Type 2 (T2) was introduced and built in Germany until 1979. In Mexico, the Volkswagen Kombi and Panel were produced from 1970 to 1994. Models before 1971 are often called “Early Bay”, while models after 1972 are called the “Late Bay”.

A major development with the new Type 2 was binning the swing axle rear suspension and replacing it with Independent Rear Suspension whilst doing away with the crazy camber seen on Beetles using swing axle suspension.
The first models featured rounded bumpers incorporating a step for use when the door was open, front doors that opened to 90° from the body, no lip on the front guards, unique engine hatches, and crescent air intakes in the D-pillars.
Up until 1972, front indicators are set low on the nose rather than high on either side of the fresh air grille – giving rise to them being nicknamed “Low Lights”. 1972’s most prominent change was a bigger engine compartment to fit the larger 1.7- to 2.0-litre engines from the Volkswagen Type 4, and a redesigned rear end which eliminated the removable rear apron and introduced the larger late tail lights. The air inlets were also enlarged to accommodate the increased cooling air needs of the larger engines.
Because of the style of the VW Transporter and the fact that VW were very relaxed about 3rd party companies converting them to alternative uses, there became a variety of specialist vehicles such as, refrigerated vans, hearses, ambulances, police vans, fire engines and ladder trucks.
There was also a small ‘army’ of convertors around the world turning both vans and buses into campers. These varied drastically in quality and luxury. Some of the well-known UK converters were Danbury, Devon, Dormobile, Canterbury Pitt, and Viking etc.
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