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Cherished Vehicle DNA+ -Detects, Deters & Protects

At Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services, we believe in providing our customers with outstanding benefits from service to technology. Cherished Vehicle DNA+ forensic protection deters thieves and is included FREE with every insurance policy.

We understand that terrible feeling of despair if your classic vehicle or parts are stolen. While your financial loss may be covered, there is often a sentimental value that can never be truly restored. That’s why we provide Cherished Vehicle DNA+ with every policy sold. We know it will help to prevent the theft of your vehicle.

Cherished Vehicle DNA+ is a forensic motor vehicle protection system. Each bottle of Cherished Vehicle DNA+ combines a unique solution with coded microdots registered to you for immediate identification. A tiny dab on the main components of your vehicle is simple for the police to detect and provides irrefutable evidence of your ownership. The liquid is harmless, easy to apply and virtually impossible to remove. It dries clear but shows up under police UV lights.

The greatest fear of any thief is being caught. Any technology that provides irrefutable evidence increases the chances of thieves being caught. It is proven that “heightening criminal anxiety” is a powerful deterrent to thieves. Potential thieves with a choice of stealing a car with Cherished Vehicle DNA+ or a car that is not protected will tend to take the option that lessens the chances of them being caught.

At Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services, our aim is to ensure that you enjoy your car and do not become a victim of vehicle theft.

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