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Please note, these Questions and Answers are meant as a guide only. For full details of benefits and exclusions that apply to Classic Vehicle Insurance, please refer to our Classic Car Insurance Policy Summary or call us on 0333 003 8161 to discuss your questions in more detail.

Q. How old does my car have to be to be a “classic”?

A. Your car generally has to be over 15 years old – but this will be dependent on the make and model of the car. If you are unsure as to whether or not your vehicle qualifies for classic car insurance, why not call us on 0333 003 8161 today!

Q. Does Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services offer classic car insurance for drivers under 25 years old?

A. Unfortunately, Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services would not normally offer a classic car insurance quote for drivers under the age of 25.

Q. Will my Cherished Vehicle Classic Car Insurance policy cover me whilst I am driving abroad?

A. Yes, our policy can provide cover for up to 30 days European Driving in a year.

Q. Can I drive another person’s car on my classic car insurance?

A. Unfortunately, our classic car insurance scheme does not provide a “driving other cars” extension.

Q. What is an “Agreed Value”?

A. An “Agreed Value” for your classic car insurance is a sum insured that is usually agreed by the insurers, subject to the provision of 6 colour photographs. Other supporting documentation may be required such as purchase receipts or written valuations in some cases. Once the figure has been agreed by the insurers, this would be the sum paid (less any policy excess) in the event of a total loss claim for that particular period of insurance.

Q. How much does the Agreed Value service cost?

A. It’s FREE! At Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services, we do not charge for our agreed value service. Why not speak to one of our experts on 0333 003 8161 to find out more.

Q. Can I insure more than one classic car on the same policy?

A. Yes, we can insure multiple classic cars on the same policy. Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or classic car collector, Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services would love to hear from you. Why not call us for a classic car insurance quote today on 0333 003 8161.

Q. How many miles a year will Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services allow me to do in my classic car?

A. Our classic car insurance policy allows up to a maximum of 5000 miles per annum for your classic car.

Q. Is my Windscreen covered by Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services?

A. Yes, Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services provides up to £500 Glass cover per annum.

Q. Do I get a discount for being a classic car club member?

A. Yes, here at Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services we offer some attractive discounts for members of most classic car clubs. Why not call us for more details about our discounts on 0333 003 8161.

Q. If I work on my classic car over the winter, how do I increase my ‘agreed value’ with Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services, once the work is done?

A. Simply contact us via email at with some updated photographs and your new proposed valuation and we will let you know how your classic car insurance policy may be affected. If you are looking to improve your ‘agreed value’ with us by doing work on your vehicle, why not call us on 0333 003 8161 beforehand to discuss.

Q. Will Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services provide a valuation for my vehicle if the one I’ve suggested is too low or too high?

A. Yes, if we have any questions regarding the proposed valuation of your classic car that will affect your insurance, we will contact you to discuss it further. If you are uncertain of your classic cars valuation, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists on 0333 003 8161 for clarification.

Q. Is my classic car insurance affected if I put a set of alloys on the vehicle or lower it slightly? Do I have to let Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services know about changes to my vehicle?

A. Yes, if you make any modifications to your vehicle you must inform Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services and we will advise the underwriters. If you are worried about how modifications will affect your classic car insurance policy, why not contact the team for more details on 0333 003 8161.

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