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This Ford goes too deep…
Pierrepont Country Park. People are uncertain as to how it exactly ended up there and the mystery has left park…
Wartime in the Vale 2015
CVI arrived Friday afternoon on site at Ashdown WW2 Camp, Badsey, Evesham to set up the stand amongst a field…
The Yorkshire Wartime Experience
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Wartime In The Vale 2015
  Click here to find out more.
VW Marks 40 years of the VW Polo
VW fans were treated to an extra special celebration of a popular VW model at the ‘Techno Classica’ classic car…
Overlord Military Spectacular
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Maggies Battle Bus
A super rare opportunity has emerged to acquire Margaret Thatcher’s armoured bus built by special order for her and her…
50 years of the Transit
If you think of a commercial van the first one that probably comes into your head is the Ford Transit.…
The role of the Military Harley in WW2
Did you know that in America a lot of motorcycle clubs were born out of returning WW2 veterans who wanted…
Examples of tax free classic cars for 2015
We’ve done a bit more digging to find a bunch of cars that if built before January 1975 could be…
Latest News
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The Ford Model TT: 100 Years
06 February 2017
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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Pontiac Firebird
25 January 2017
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75th Anniversary of the first Sherman tank being used!
09 January 2017
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Combined Ops 2016
10 August 2016