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70 years on, “the Battle of the Bulge”
Commemorations have taken place paying tribute to Allied Forces who fiercely defended a dense region of forest in the Ardennes…
Classic Mini (1959 Austin 7) to go to car auction
Coming up for auction in February next year is an original 1959 Austin Seven Mini. The car is a very…
Guinness World Record smashed for the largest parade of classic…
If you love your cars then seeing a classic car in the metal will always grab your attention. If you…
Campaign to recognise classic cars by law
Newspaper Classic Car Weekly is set to propose new legislation to secure the future use and enjoyment of classic cars on UK…
5 things to learn with classic car ownership
With any experience in life, there is always something to be learned. Whether it’s a new a word in scrabble,…
Military vehicles found in wrecked Merchant Ship
Sunk during the Second World War, The SS Thisltegorm was a British Merchant Navy ship that came under attack by…
Is there a classic car to please everyone?
When it comes down to appreciating classic cars, there are surely a number of factors that help you decide what…
Around the world in 80… year old classic car
Most of us have heard about the famous tale of Phileas Fogg circumnavigating the world in 80 days in order…
Elvis Presley’s 507 Roadster is to be restored
Originally in white, a 1957 507 Roadster from BMW was bought by a young soldier of the US army serving…
Classic Car Charity Show at Harpenden
As the winter nights start to close in we remember a charity event from the summer. Celebrating its 21st Birthday,…
Latest News
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The Yorkshire Wartime Experience
26 June 2015
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Wartime In The Vale 2015
16 June 2015
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VW Marks 40 years of the VW Polo
20 May 2015
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Overlord Military Spectacular
19 May 2015